Before You Submit a Request for Review

The purpose of the Shared Governance Review Council is to review participatory decision-making in the institution and to make recommendations concerning processes. For this reason, Requests for Review result only in recommendations aimed at improving decision-making in the institution, not in “undoing” particular decisions. (ACC has grievance procedures in place if you wish to pursue the revision of a particular decision.)

To expedite the review process, the Shared Governance Review Council has provided the form below. If you wish to submit a request for review, please complete the form carefully.

After you submit a request, the Chair will confirm receipt and review the request for completeness. If the request includes all required information, the Chair will present it to the Council for review. You will be notified of the status of your request during the review process. If you have questions about your request, please contact the Chair at [email protected].

Please use the following form to submit a Request for Review to the Shared Governance Review Council:

If you have questions about the review process, please contact the Shared Governance Review Council.