1. Develops and makes recommendations regarding collegewide Instructional testing, assessment, advising, and placement policies and procedures. Academic policy recommendations will be submitted through the appropriate council.
  2. Seeks input from all areas of the college regarding effectiveness of assessment, advising and placement procedures.
  3. Provides for the improvement of assessment, advising, and placement affairs on a collegewide basis.
  4. Coordinates assessment, advising and placement functions with task forces and collegewide committees.
  5. Maintains liaison with the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) through the Executive Dean, Admissions, Enrollment and Completion to ensure compliance with TSI requirements.
  6. Initiates research in cooperation with the Office of Institutional Research and Analytics and evaluates assessment, advising and placement services on a collegewide basis.
  7. Encourages use of technology in assessment, advising and placement.
  8. Develops policies and procedures for use of Instructional Testing Centers.

Committee recommendations are forwarded to the Academic & Student Affairs Council.

Meeting Schedule and Frequency

October 27February 23
March 29
April 26
June 28
July 26

Agendas and minutes (ACC only)


Chair (appointed by the Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs): Kendra Singletary
Faculty Co-chair (elected by the committee members): TBD

PositionNameAppointed byCampusPhoneEmail
Director, AdvisingKendra SingletaryPosition (Chair)
Executive Dean, Admissions, Enrollment and CompletionLinda TerryPositionHBC3-7503[email protected]
TSI CoordinatorLeilani ‘Lani’ SalinasPositionHBC3-7770[email protected]
Director of Career & Academic AdvisingKathy JamesPositionHLC3-7327[email protected]
Director of TestingHolly Delacroix-DeRouenPositionHYS3-1541[email protected]
Executive Director of Adult EducationKatherine DowdyPositionHBC3-7044[email protected]
Representatives of Job Functions or College Offices
(2-year terms)
Assessment Center CoordinatorGus RodriguezVC, Student AffairsHYS3-3165[email protected]
CounselorDaniella RodriguezVC, Student AffairsNRG3-4729[email protected]
Advising SupervisorJana McCarthyVC, Student AffairsRVS3-6319[email protected]
Advising SpecialistPatricia BeckVC, Student AffairsHLC3-7324[email protected]
Faculty, EnglishJeanne ChaltainDept. Chair
CYP3-2162[email protected]
Faculty, Developmental ReadingUrsula ParkerDept. Chair
Integrated Reading and Writing
RRC3-0067[email protected]
Faculty, Developmental MathematicsLindsay OrlandoDept. Chair
HLC3-7432[email protected]
Faculty, English as a Second LanguageSusan DasESOL Dept. ChairHLC3-7452[email protected]
Representatives of ACC Constituencies
(1-year terms)
Instructional DeanLorlie EllisVC, InstructionNRG3-4114[email protected]
Representatives of ACC Constituencies
(1-year terms)
Full-time Faculty Senate AssociationJackie BurnsAssociation Pres.RRC3-0445[email protected]
Full-time Faculty Senate AssociationKate PattonAssociation PresRRC3-0262[email protected]
Adjunct Faculty AssociationLisa Marie CoppolettaAssociation Pres.[email protected]
Adjunct Faculty AssociationPing ChuAssociation Pres.HLCTBA[email protected]
Association of Professional & Technical EmployeesDavid DeRouenAssociation Pres.HYS3-4728[email protected]
Classified Employees AssociationAntwan DawsonAssociation Pres.RRC3-7667[email protected]
Student Government AssociationKay TrentAssociation Pres.[email protected]