Note: the Information Technology Committee replaced the Collegewide Technology & Capital Outlay Committee in FY22. For more information, see the Shared Governance Review Council minutes from February 12, 2021.


  1. Evaluates and deliberates on collegewide technology strategic planning and serves as a recommending body in order to ensure alignment with the ACC Strategic Plan and other college plans and priorities.
  2. Participates in the establishment of criteria and standards for college information technologies, and monitors compliance.
  3. Assists in the dissemination and promotion of information technology updates, standards, and policies.
  4. Makes recommendations regarding the administrative rules and procedures/guidelines that relate to the use of information technology at the college as well as the procurement, replacement and reallocation of information technology resources.

Committee recommendations are forwarded to the Administrative Services Council.

Meeting Schedule and Frequency

Monthly on the 1st Friday (generally), 9 -10 a.m.

September 1
October 6
November 3
December 1
February 16
March 22
April 19
May 17
June 21
July 19

Agendas and minutes


Chair (appointed by EVC, Finance & Administration): Jason Marshall, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology, [email protected]

Assistant: Catherine Namour – [email protected]

PositionNameAppointed byCampusPhoneEmail
VC, Information Technology (Chair)Jason MarshallPositionSVC3-1291j[email protected]
Information TechnologyJenna OwensVC, Information TechnologyHLC3-1268[email protected]
Institutional Research & AnalyticsConnie WallVC, Institutional Research & AnalyticsHLC3-7670[email protected]
Finance & AdministrationAzure BrownEVC, Finance & AdministrationSVC3-1151[email protected]
Operations & Public AffairsRegina ThompsonEVC, Operations & Public AffairsHBC3-7168[email protected]
Dean, BusinessLorlie BraxtonPositionNRG3-4114[email protected]
Dean, Liberal Arts, Humanities & CommunicationsMatthew M DaudePositionSGC3-2630[email protected]
Dean, Arts, Digital Media & CommunicationsPerry Crafton PositionHLC3-7187[email protected]
Dean, Public & Social ServicesGiao PhanPositionHYS3-9228[email protected]
Dean, Science, Engineering & MathDavid FonkenPositionHLC3-7346[email protected]
Dean, Continuing EducationDon TracyPositionHBC3-7822[email protected]
Dean, Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Applied TechnologiesTroy DeFratesPositionRRC3-0357[email protected]
Dean, Computer Science & Information TechnologyVenancio YbarraPositionRVS3-7454[email protected]
Dean, Liberal Arts, Social & Behavioral SciencesDeShaunta StewartPositionRGC3-3397[email protected]
Dean, Health SciencesNina AlmasyPositionEVC3-5787[email protected]
Distance EducationErasmus AddaeVC, InstructionRRC3-0423[email protected]
Student AffairsSarah LisenbeVC, Student AffairsHLC3-1281[email protected]
Student AffairsRuth ReinhartVC, Student AffairsHLC3-7955[email protected]
Student AffairsVanessa NettlesVC, Student AffairsHLC3-7614[email protected]
Student AffairsJose ResendezVC, Student AffairsEGN3-9432[email protected]
Office of College Relations & MarketingEdward TerryVC, Office of College Relations & MarketingHLC3-7844[email protected]
Teaching & Learning ExcellenceMatt EvinsAVC, Teaching & Learning ExcellenceHLC3-7564[email protected]
LibraryLinda BarrAVC, Teaching & Learning ExcellenceRGC3-3461[email protected]
Faculty SenateAnna StinsonFull-Time Faculty SenateNRG3-4616[email protected]
Faculty SenateCurtis BaackFull-Time Faculty SenateSGC3-2584[email protected]
Faculty SenateDevin PrestonFull-Time Faculty SenateRGC3-3315[email protected]
Faculty SenateFred LoverFull-Time Faculty SenateHBC3-[email protected]
Faculty SenateMelissa VetterFull-Time Faculty SenateEVC3-5719[email protected]
Faculty SenateJessica HejnyFull-Time Faculty SenateEVC3-5943[email protected]
Faculty SenateStephanie LongFull-Time Faculty SenateHLC3-4031[email protected]
Faculty SenateKerri PopeFull-Time Faculty SenateSGC3-[email protected]
Faculty SenateMarcus McGuffFull-Time Faculty SenateHLC3-4024[email protected]
Faculty SenateMike ShoebroekFull-Time Faculty SenateRRC3-0352[email protected]
Faculty SenateDebra SackettFull-Time Faculty SenateHLC3-3314[email protected]
Faculty SenateMelissa BonafontFull-Time Faculty SenateNRG3-4033[email protected]
AFALisa CoppolettaAdjunct Faculty Association (AFA)HBC3-3233[email protected]
AFAHerb ColemanAdjunct Faculty Association (AFA)NRG3-1790[email protected]
AFAPing ChuAdjunct Faculty Association (AFA)HLC3-0082[email protected]
APTEPamela ChukwunekeAssociation of Professional-Technical Employees (APTE)HLC3-1083[email protected]
APTEShih-Ting LeeAssociation of Professional-Technical Employees (APTE)HBC3-7745[email protected]
APTERenee LyonAssociation of Professional-Technical Employees (APTE)SVC3-2562[email protected]
CEAJeff DeLeonClassified Employee Association (CEA)RRC3-8324[email protected]
CEASean LoraasClassified Employee Association (CEA)EVC3-5270[email protected]
CEAAaron HessonClassified Employee Association (CEA)RRC3-0146[email protected]
SGARobert HallStudent Government Association (SGA)[email protected]
SGAVacantStudent Government Association (SGA)
Information Technology Committee Membership List