1. Reviews policies and guidelines, and recommends changes to support quality distance education programs.
  2. Established standards of good practice for distance education course development and delivery based on SACS and THECB guidelines.
  3. Assists in the analysis of evaluation for distance education student support services, and recommends changes to improve activities and outcomes.
  4. Advises staff on faculty development and resources needed to design, develop and implement quality distance education courses.

Meeting Schedule and Frequency

Virtual meetings twice a semester — 1st Friday, 1 – 2:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted

Fall 2024Spring 2024
TBAFebruary 2
April 5


PositionNameAppointed ByCampusPhoneEmail
Committee ChairJack O’Grady3-0237[email protected]
Committee Co-ChairStephanie Long3-4031[email protected]
AVC, Distance EducationErasmus AddaePositionRRC[email protected]
AVC, Technology Development & EducationTiton HoquePositionSVC[email protected]
IT, BlackboardJeanette McGowanVC, Information TechnologyRGC[email protected]
Director, Academic TechnologyMatthew EvinsPositionHBC[email protected]
LMS Analyst, Distance LearningLaTasha HusseyAVC, Distance EducationRRC[email protected]
Assistant, Distance EducationChris DavisAVC, Distance EducationRRC[email protected]
Library Services, Distance Education LiaisonJorge Lopez-McKnightDean, Library ServicesRVS[email protected]
Specialist, AdvisingDeeadra Albert-GreenVC, Student AffairsSAC[email protected]
Representatives of Job Functions or College Offices (1-year terms)
Instructional DeanLorlie EllisVC, InstructionNRG3-4114[email protected]
Adult EducationTamy ChapmanExecutive Director, Adult EducationNRG3-4105[email protected]
Manager, Instructional DesignJennifer GrayAVC, Distance EducationHLC3-1375[email protected]
Student Engagement & AnalyticsMason TurpinTBANRG3-1569[email protected]
Coordinator, Business Testing ServicesTBAVC, Student AffairsTBATBATBA
Representatives of ACC Constituencies (1-year terms)
Full-Time Faculty SenateTBAAssociation Pres.TBATBATBA
Full-Time Faculty SenateCourtney AhrenholtzAssociation Pres.CYP3-0469[email protected]
Full-Time Faculty SenateLei JiAssociation Pres.CYP3-2162[email protected]
Full-Time Faculty SenateDonna MooreAssociation Pres.EVC3-5797[email protected]
Full-Time Faculty SenateKathleen NakasoneAssociation Pres.EVC3-5507[email protected]
Full-Time Faculty SenateWajma NasherAssociation Pres.RRC3-0084[email protected]
Full-Time Faculty SenateAl PurcellAssociation Pres.RGC3-3398[email protected]
Full-Time Faculty SenateKathleen ParkAssociation Pres.RRC3-0251[email protected]
Full-Time Faculty SenateSherri LynnAssociation Pres.EVC3-5944[email protected]
Full-Time Faculty SenateLarry StephensAssociation Pres.HLC3-7143[email protected]
Full-Time Faculty SenateSarah StrongAssociation Pres.RVS3-6260[email protected]
Full-Time Faculty SenateKim OliverAssociation Pres.CYP3-7458[email protected]
Adjunct Faculty AssociationAngela SmithAssociation Pres.TBATBA[email protected]
Adjunct Faculty AssociationHerb ColemenAssociation Pres.NRG3-1790 ext. 22162[email protected]
Adjunct Faculty AssociationBecky VillarrealAssociation Pres.CYP3-3774[email protected]
Adjunct Faculty AssociationLisa Marie CoppolettaAssociation Pres.EVC3-5158[email protected]
Adjunct Faculty AssociationPaula KingAssociation Pres.TBATBA[email protected]
Professional-Technical AssociationRachel BarreraAssociation Pres.HBC3-7975[email protected]
Classified Employees AssociationTBAAssociation Pres.TBATBATBA
Student Government AssociationTBAStudent Government AssociationTBATBATBA
Distance Education Committee FY24 membership list.

Agendas and minutes
Questions? Contact Hailey Bickley, 512-223-1371, [email protected]