Our North Star: Austin Community College will reach 70% completion by 2030. Austin Community College District is designing strategies to improve student success by focusing on the most impactful ways we can help our students reach their academic and career goals. Data shows if we can help students start strong, enroll full-time, meet their basic needs, and find belonging and connection — they will continue their journey to earn a certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or transfer. 


Austin Community College will follow an inclusive, collaborative, and transparent approach to designing strategies to help our students succeed at scale.

Tri-Chairs include our Chancellor Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, Provost Dr. Monique Umphrey, and Professor Dr. Samantha Croft. Together with Swim Digital, they are leading the Theory of Change work from design to implementation.

Design Teams are composed of subject-matter experts and cross-college team members who represent all areas of the college. The teams will use research and best practices to develop recommended strategies under the four pillars of the Theory of Change. Ideas will be presented to the Theory of Change Steering Committee.

Steering Committee members who represent all areas of the college at all levels will provide guidance to the design teams and help prioritize and organize the teams’ collective work. Steering committee recommendations are presented to the Chancellor’s Cabinet for approval.

Cabinet members will review and approve strategies, assigning the appropriate college departments and teams to budget, implement, and track progress of our Theory of Change strategies.


The following is a general timeline for the Theory of Change process.


Improving student success at Austin Community College is everyone’s job. Your comments, questions, and ideas are important and will be shared with the appropriate design teams for consideration.