The college’s work to nurture a culture of Collaboration, Connection & Caring (3Cs) continues with training resources and guides.

The sixth in this series of guides is called “Effective Leadership Using the 3Cs.” This guide helps explain how to improve the 3Cs culture through servant leadership.

The guide offers tips and advice for ways in which you can practice servant leadership daily at the college. It is important to realize that all employees can be leaders, whether they supervise others or not. Some recommendations include:

  • Delegate tasks | Acknowledge individual strengths. Allow employees to choose tasks that emphasize their strengths. Show support without removing responsibility.
  • Provide training | Supervisors should have ongoing training to ensure and increase their effectiveness.
  • Upward accountability | Actively solicit feedback, share the feedback, and act on it.
  • Distribute leadership | Create shared leadership opportunities. Find opportunities where members of the team can lead the effort.
  • Connect to the people you work with, not just the work | Know one non-work-related fact about each member of your team. 
  • Nurture your team | Behavior that is rewarded is repeated — Once a week, thank a colleague with specific positive feedback.
  • Measure and celebrate your progress.
  • Lead with empathy | Show curiosity in others’ thoughts and ideas and listen intently. Build a relationship that encourages communication.

To learn more about ways to practice effective leadership, and to find other resources and tools, view the full 3Cs Guide on Effective Leadership Using the 3Cs.  

About the 3Cs Guides

Developed from the combined expertise and insights of the Spring 2022 3Cs Learning Community and in response to requests from the 2021 and 2022 3Cs Roundtables, these guides offer support and action steps you can take to demonstrate 3Cs in your daily work at the college.

For more information and resources, view the 3Cs Guides. For all information about the 3Cs work happening at ACC, visit the 3Cs informational website on the FacStaff Info Hub.