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Caring | Click here

  • Special Guests- Deans Brandon Whately and Roxane Royalty and Dept Chair Troy Defrates and Advising Supervisor Olga Eckhart.
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  • Special Guests – CDEIO, Larry Davis, and Dr. Sam Echevarria-Cruz
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  • Special Guests- VC, Dr. Shasta Buchanan, AVC, Dr. Ruth Reinhart, Steven Christopher, and Ana Rummer
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3Cs Guides

The materials in this section were developed by the 3Cs Cross Functional Team in response to requests from the 2021 and 2022 3Cs Roundtables. 

The materials in this section were developed by the Spring 2022 3Cs Learning Community in response to requests from the 2021 and 2022 3Cs Roundtables. 

Training Resources

The resources in this section were organized by ACC Human Resources to give employees additional tools to practice their work on the 3Cs. 



  • Collaborative Leadership – Collaboration has become an essential ingredient for organizational survival and success. As more organizations move toward a collaborative culture, a new leadership model is emerging—one that replaces command and control with trust and inclusion. The leader’s new role is to create an environment in which people choose to participate and contribute. This course is designed to give you the insight and skills to build collaborative relationships within your team and throughout the organization.
  • Creating a Culture of Collaboration – Discover why a collaborative work environment can promote success, and learn how to create a cooperative culture in the workplace.
  • Listen to Lead – Listening is a critical skill that empowers leaders to make strong connections and an impact. This course explains how to be a leader who makes people feel heard by understanding others more effectively, overcoming barriers to listening, controlling emotions, being present, and becoming an active listener. When you’re listening, it’s important to truly understand and engage with the other person. Listening helps you reach an agreement faster and become a trusted advisor.

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  • Confronting Bias: Thriving Across Our Differences – Find the greater meaning, well-being, and productivity by learning how to interact with others across differences. Continue your Thrive journey and discover how to create inclusive environments where everyone can thrive. In this course, Arianna Huffington and Verna Myers discuss the impact of our cultural lens on our daily relations and how to counter bias in our words and actions.

Equity Resources



  • Building Trust — Trust is a fundamental aspect of any productive relationship. In business, trust has been proven to decrease turnover, increase innovation, and improve team performance. When trust is compromised, relationships and productivity can suffer. This course shows how professionals of all kinds can build trust with colleagues across their organization.
  • Choosing a Caring Mindset to Improve Employee Engagement — Mindset has a huge performance impact—but leaders rarely stop to see how they can intentionally change their mindsets to get better results. Discover the transformative power your mindset can have on your leadership style and find out how you can identify, grow, and put new mindsets into work.

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