The college’s work to nurture a culture of Collaboration, Connection & Caring (3Cs) continues with training resources and guides.

The third of these guides is called “Emotional Intelligence.” This guide helps explain what emotional intelligence is and provides some tools to help you recognize and interpret your own emotions as well as those of other people. We can improve the way we work together to serve students if we all strengthen these skills.

Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to recognize, manage, and understand emotions. Major dimensions of emotional intelligence include: 

(1) self-awareness
(2) self-regulation
(3) social skills
(4) empathy

This guide provides quick advice you can use to better recognize and understand your own emotions as well as ways to interact with others. Some recommendations include:

  • Self-Awareness | To improve your self-awareness, try daily journaling or asking for feedback.
  • Self-Regulation | To improve the ways in which you express your emotions, try meditation, rewarding yourself for a job well done, and pausing before responding to a situation that may cause an emotional response.   
  • Social Skills | To develop a stronger understanding of yourself and others, practice active listening and aim to learn more about cultural and social diversities. 
  • Empathy | To improve your understanding of how others are feeling, look for common ground and step back to look at a situation from another perspective. 

To learn more about how to respond with empathy and to find other resources to build your emotional intelligence, view the full 3Cs Guide on Emotional Intelligence.  

About the 3Cs Guides

Developed from the combined expertise and insights of the Spring 2022 3Cs Learning Community and in response to requests from the 2021 and 2022 3Cs Roundtables, these guides offer support and action steps you can take to demonstrate 3Cs in your daily work at the college.

For more information and resources, view the 3Cs Guides. For all information about the 3Cs work happening at ACC, visit the 3Cs informational website on the FacStaff Info Hub.