During ACC’s Registration Week, November 14-17, R.B. the Riverbat traveled across the district to make surprise appearances and greet students, faculty, and staff.

Student Services staff hosted tables with treats and information for credit students as a way to excite and encourage them to register for spring classes if they had not done so already.

R.B.’s 12th birthday and the anniversary of the Riverbat brand were recognized during Registration Week. Students, faculty, and staff celebrated the occasion with cupcakes, festive backdrops, games, and food.

On Wednesday, November 16, students, faculty, staff, and the community were encouraged to “Go Purple” for the day in recognition of the Riverbat anniversary. Not only did people wear purple, but ACC’s Highland Campus was also lit up with purple lights that evening.

R.B. hosted a Twitch video game livestream on Thursday, November 17, in which dozens of community, staff, and students participated. 

The week of appearance stops included visits to Manor New Tech High School and Eastview Campus’ Child Lab School. See photos and video from the week HERE.