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What is Workday?

Workday is a Human Resources (HR), Payroll, and Finance solution. All ACC employees will use Workday for tasks such as completing timesheets, requesting leave, and viewing benefits information. HR, Payroll, and Finance will complete many of their department-specific processes within Workday as well. A subsequent implementation will include Workday Student, which aligns with the Chancellor’s priority of modernizing ACC’s Technology Resources to enhance the student experience and ensure employees have adequate resources to do their jobs effectively.
What is changing for me?

Will there be training? When?

Training will include job aids, instructor-led training, in-system help text, and more. Specific training dates will be communicated via email, and training resources will be housed on the Training and Resources page.

How will this change impact my daily work?

Changes to your daily work will vary across departments and teams, but every ACC employee will now have new, streamlined processes for entering timesheet information, requesting time-off, viewing benefits information, and more. Workday optimizes efficiency in your processes and also provides easier to use data and reporting than ever before.

What support will be available to me?

Support will be available in the form of the Training and Resources page, the Change Champion Network, and the BPI team, who are available to answer Workday related questions. See the Help page.
Is there a centralized location where I can find information?

This website is the centralized location for all your Workday information needs. Email newsletters are archived on the Workday Newsletters page, and all training materials are housed on the Training and Resources page. Support resources can be found on the Help page.

What do I need to do or know to be successful in Workday?

Workday is an intuitive, user-focused system designed with the needs of higher education in mind. Everything required to successfully use Workday will be provided via training, this website, and ongoing support.

What are some of the benefits of Workday?

Workday enables 24/7 access to information over a secure network.
Workday functionality offers employee and manager self-service, enabling faculty, staff and student workers to update or access their information privately from any computer or mobile device with internet access.
Workday is an intuitive single-platform system that will streamline ACC processes, reducing the need for manual paperwork, duplicative data entry, and data entry errors.
Workday enables a wide range of data and reporting previously unavailable to the College, allowing for deeper analytics that will help staff and faculty better serve the needs of the students.

Will students and staff keep their eIDs, or will we be switching to something else when Workday goes live?

The existing IDs will remain.

Are Blanket POs going away? If so, how would recurring services be handled if BPOs are no longer an option?

BPOs will no longer be used in Workday. ACC divisions/departments must submit their requisition with proposed installment (progress) payments that will be needed during the fiscal year for the respective contractor/vendor. Upon awarding/issuing the PO, the Buyer will ensure the installment pays are set-up on the PO, which must be reconciled to the contractor’s/vendor’s invoice. Adjustments can be made upon receipt of subsequent requests from the division/department, when applicable. P2P will have to provide training to the Buyers and the division’s/department’s end-users/requisition requestors. The invoices would be individual invoices (monthly in the case of Brinks) as no partial payments can be made.

Will Workday impact the hiring and onboarding process for departments who hire a lot of hourly staff? If so, how/what will be different?

Yes, Workday will impact the hiring process. Workday will radically streamline the onboarding process at ACC. New hire documents will be delivered through Workday, rather than in orientation or email. All new hires may complete key forms in Workday and submit them for HR review prior to starting work, removing the manual email back and forth. And when onboarding is complete, employees will be notified through their Workday dashboard, keeping both the employee and HR in the loop at all times.

Additionally, I-9s will now live in Workday rather than Box, and can be batch printed for audits. If an I-9 isn’t completed, Workday will send an automatic notification to the employee and their manager.

Offboarding terminated employees (previously referred to as separations) now takes place in Workday and includes new reports and notifications. When an employee is terminated, notifications are triggered in Workday for HR to terminate benefits in ERS, rather than by email. The new HR termination business process triggers a benefit termination event, terminating all benefit elections for that employee posted in Workday (note: does not affect ERS), rather than the current job change status report notifying Benefits.

How does moving to Workday, which has its own reporting functionality, dashboards, and custom reporting abilities, align and integrate with the other reporting tools being rolled out by the college?

Access to reports will be based on a security role. Employees will still be able to get reports in Workday. At this point, there is not any student data in Workday until we go live with Workday Student.

Will reports in Workday be accessible from outside the ACC firewall, and if so, how will sensitive student-level data be protected?

Workday is a cloud-based solution and will not be in ACC’s firewall. However, the environment is still protected and we will still use Okta to access Workday. Employees will have the appropriate access to reports to do their job.

Will Workday affect the way faculty assignments are approved for Payroll? For example, courses are currently assigned and approved for payment through Colleague (FASC & XFC3 screens).

The approval process for faculty assignments will not change until Workday Student is implemented.

Will the old system or Workday be used for Budget request planning in FY22?

Finance is switching to the new Workday ERP system as of September 1. With that transition, the entire General Ledger of accounts will undergo extensive transformations as well. Due to these changes, this year’s budget planning will be done in Adaptive Workday Planning, which integrates with Workday. The starting timeline for budget planning was pushed back because of this change.

How will Workday affect the way faculty assignments are approved for payroll?For example, courses are currently assigned and approved for payment through Colleague (FASC & XFC3 screens).

The approval process for faculty assignments will not change until Workday Student is implemented.

Will there be a portal for submitting sensitive documents like background checks?
 Workday accepts attachments, which will be stored securely in the cloud.
How will Workday handle the number of connections Library Services has to Colleague to update systems with active student information, including blocks etc.

Anything to do with (non-employee) student information will be addressed in the Workday Student implementation and scheduled for 2023-2024.

Why is the terminology for ‘hourly’ changing to ‘temporary’ employees?

1) The College is transitioning to terminology used in Workday; Worker, Contingent Worker (contractor or consultant), and Temporary Worker are considered worker types in Workday, this is a classification of job types. Temporary Worker is used inside the Workday environment. 2) This also supports existing ACC terminology, as hourly employees are referred to as temporary in the following administrative rule:Employment of Hourly Personnel, AR#6.05.006, Hourly employees may be hired for positions or functions which are needed on a varying schedule to support college programs or support services. Hourly employee assignments are related to short-term projects or assignments which are temporary in nature.

Will the trainings be recorded?

Yes, the trainings will be recorded.

Will videos be edited with captioning?

The BPI team is working on creating short videos of the demonstrations provided during the Change Champion meetings with captioning that you can share.

When will we know when requests for FT Faculty for FY22 have been approved?

The Associate Vice Chancellors are seeking approval on FY’22 faculty positions. They will communicate which positions are approved to their Deans by the beginning of August.

Will there be a special “set-up” for administrative assistants that are responsible for making purchases?

Yes, there will be “role-based” permissions established to allow for some administrative assistants (and other designees) to make purchases.

How will you know who will report specific security role access in Workday? Does our manager need to report this?

No, your manager does not have to do anything at this time. The project team has identified approximately 250 administrative assistants at this time.

Can you confirm that the one-time payment will be taking the place of the Personnel Authorization (PA) System?

Yes, the PA System will be replaced by Workday’s One-Time Payment functionality.

Can we utilize one-time payment for recurring monthly charges (i.e. cell phone stipend)?

For recurring payments such as a stipend for a cell phone, use “Request a Compensation Change” in Workday.

Can the original creator of the payment see the details?

Yes, process transparency is one of the nice features of Workday. The originator will have access to where the request is in the process flow.

Are substitutes for classes paid through a one-time payment?

Substitutes can be paid for a single occurrence via “One-time Payment” otherwise, if the substitution is longer than one day, use “Request a Compensation Change”.

Is contingent worker referencing hourly or contractors?

A contingent worker is a contractor at ACC. The new term for hourly employees will be “Temporary Worker”.