It’s Modernizing ACC Systems

Implementing Workday HR, Payroll, and Finance aligns with ACC’s Strategic Plan Goal 4 to provide effective and efficient operations and infrastructure. Workday will enable optimization of operating efficiencies by improving the user experience; automating processes; and providing coherent, consistent, and relevant data to support the short and long-term goals of the College. 

Workday will go live on October 16, 2021. A subsequent implementation will include Workday Student, which will improve access to students’ information. Each of these efforts align with the Chancellor’s Priority of modernizing ACC’s Technology Resources to enhance the student experience and ensure employees have adequate resources to do their jobs effectively.

What’s Changing?

Many ACC employees may be familiar with Colleague, the College’s 24-year old legacy system. Workday will replace much of Colleague, which includes core HR, Benefits, Payroll, Finance, and Accounting processes. It will also replace and consolidate the functionality of many frequently used tools such as eTime, eHire, eBudget, elements of the MyACC page, and more. Because Workday is mobile-friendly, employees will be able to complete all of the tasks associated with those old systems via mobile devices, any time, anywhere.

With Workday, all ACC employees have something to look forward to. There will be automatic notification triggers for tasks, events, and approvals. Managers will gain new insight into processes so they know when and where things get stuck. 

When working with HR, employees will notice that Workday has eliminated many paper forms and streamlined processes. Onboarding will now feature automated dashboards and online forms. 

If working with cost centers, or acting as a budget authority, employees will find that managing accounts will be easier. New reporting options will enhance efficiency and save time.

These are just the basics of what’s to come with Workday. To learn more, explore this website, reach out to a change champion, or join future training sessions and events.

Meet the Workday Team

Project Sponsor

Neil Vickers, EVP, Finance & Administration 


  • Neil Vickers, EVP, Finance & Administration 
  • Angela Hodge, VP, Business Services
  • Gerry Tucker, VP Human Resources

Project Teams

ACC partnered with a third-party integrator, Collaborative Solutions, to implement Workday and will continue this partnership with the Workday Student implementation. The project team consists of subject-matter experts in Human Resources, Business Services, and the Budget Office, in tandem with Information Technology and Business Processes and Initiatives. 


  • Benefits 
  • Compensation 
  • Employment 
  • Staff Development and Evaluations

Business Services

  • Bill to Pay (B2P)
  • Payroll Services
  • Procure to Pay (P2P) 
  • Record to Report (R2R) 
  • Treasury and Special Projects


  • Budget Office
  • Business Processes & Initiatives¬†

Information Technology

  • Project Management Office
  • Solutions Architect
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics