The QEP Topic was chosen through a process that involved the entire ACC Community. You can learn more about the process by visiting the Topic Selection Committee Page

Digital Fluency and Innovation – The Basics

You’ve been hearing about the QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) for two years now!

ACC has selected the topic of Digital Fluency as our QEP. This project will enable ACC students to earn microcredentials to help improve their utilization of many digital platforms. The goal is to help ACC students grow their digital skills to improve their employability and their success as students at ACC and beyond. Our QEP Development Committee changed the QEP name slightly from “Digital Fluency for Today’s Jobs” to “Digital Fluency and Innovation” to better represent the scope of the work our QEP will accomplish. 

The microcredentials will be available to ACC students online FOR FREE and will cover a wide range of platforms and digital skills including word processing, presentation software, web development, and others.

Faculty can embed the microcredentials in their courses, or they can recommend specific microcredentials to their students to help support the type of work they’ll be doing in their coursework. 

We piloted the first microcredential in Summer of 2022. Full implementation will begin in September of 2022, and the on-site SACSCOC visit for our reaffirmation will take place on October 24-27. 

Watch THIS VIDEO to learn some basics about our project and why we think it will help with student learning and student success.

Want to do a Deeper Dive?

Our QEP Development Committee has done a lot of research to learn best practices surrounding digital fluency. We created an annoted bibliography on our QEP Lib Guide, and you are welcome to take a peek at what we read!