The QEP will be led through three different committees working one at a time to organize this project:

  • Topic Selection | January 2021 – September 2021
    • This committee is responsible for assessing topics, ensuring that they relate to the ongoing strategic planning of the college, and then selecting the topic that we will pursue. It must have input from the entire college community.
  • Development | October 2021 – August 2022
    • This committee is responsible for coming up with a plan for the QEP. It will establish a timeline and all the steps required to carry out the QEP. 
  • Implementation | September 2022 – August 2027
    • This committee is responsible for leading the QEP once it is developed. It will execute, measure, and report on the results of the QEP over its five year run.

You can learn more about the charge, members, and meeting information for each committee.  Visit each committee’s page by clicking on the committee name in the right menu. Please note that information will become available as each committee is forming.