Austin Community College District (ACC) is expanding its 8-Week Class program. Beginning fall 2023, the college will offer more 8-week class options for students, including a new pathway for students to earn their Associate of Science in Business Administration degree (BUA) entirely through 8-week classes. 

The shortened format provides students with more flexible options to fit classes into their schedules. Students earn the same amount of credit hours while taking fewer classes at one time. The 8-week courses also allow students access to full-time financial aid benefits while maintaining a part-time schedule.

The expanded courses will be offered at ACC’s Northridge Campus.

“One of the Chancellor’s Priorities is to transform our Northridge Campus into a living laboratory for innovative course schedules,” explains Dr. Lorlie Ellis, Dean of the Business Area of Study. “Starting fall 2023, the majority of classes at the Northridge Campus will be organized into eight-week sessions, with many offering a hybrid format.”

The new scheduling approach has been implemented based on successful models observed in community colleges across the state and nation. Data indicate increases in student persistence, retention, and completion rates when transitioning to 8-week teaching sessions.

“We aim to provide students with a more focused and manageable academic experience,” says Ellis. “Instead of juggling multiple courses simultaneously, students can concentrate on one or two classes at a time — dive deeper into the subject matter, engage more effectively with their instructors and peers, and ultimately achieve greater success.”

Research also has shown that students enrolled in 8-week courses tend to complete more semester credit hours on average. 

Students can explore all of the college’s 8-week class options for fall 2023 online. The first 8-week session for fall runs from August 22 through October 16. To learn more about 8-week classes, visit