Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) are responsible for almost 80% of all degrees earned by Latinos, according to Excelencia in Education. This semester, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) recertified Austin Community College District (ACC) for a 12th straight year as an HSI — a designation awarded to colleges with full-time enrollments that are at least 25 percent Hispanic. 

ACC’s Hispanic student population is fast-growing at the college, from 36% in fall 2018 to more than 40% in fall 2022. In the same timeframe, the college increased degrees and awards by almost 50% for Hispanic students, with more than 4,000 during the 2022 Academic Year.

The college was first designated an HSI in 2011. An HSI institution is eligible for additional grants to expand educational opportunities for Hispanic students. Most recently, the college was awarded the Title V InFocus Grant — in part due to its HSI status. 

The college also was awarded the Seal of Excelencia by Excelencia in Education in 2019 and recertified in 2022

ACC also offers its ASCENDER program, designed to combine culturally relevant teaching techniques and support services to accelerate student success.