The 3Cs Cross-Functional Team releases two reports outlining findings from the Spring 2022 3Cs (Collaboration, Connection, and Caring) Roundtables. More than 100 employees from across all employee associations engaged in discussions about the 3Cs during these culture-building events.

The reports were presented to the Chancellor’s Cabinet in November 2022, and are now publicly available. The first report is the “Executive Summary,” which highlights the key themes and suggestions that surfaced during the Roundtables. The second report is the longer “Themes and Suggestions Full Report” which shares background, details about the sessions, detailed findings (including themes, suggestions, and ideas for training), and a progress report on the 3Cs since the previous set of Roundtables. 

ACC faculty and staff are encouraged to explore the reports and get involved with growing the college’s 3Cs culture by finding at least one suggestion to participate in. For example:

  • Help colleagues explore team-building opportunities 
  • Find opportunities for cross-training to learn what other areas of the college are working on
  • Utilize information from the 3Cs Guides to work with others

“The more we keep the 3Cs at the forefront of our work together, the better we can collaborate to support our students and each other,” says Dr. Missi Patterson, ACC Psychology professor and member of the 3CS Cross-Functional Planning Team. “We urge everyone to consider ways in which they can engage with colleagues and supervisors in conversations about the challenges and suggestions listed in these Roundtable reports.” 

This work continues to move forward. The reports above are guiding priorities for AY23 3Cs efforts including upward feedback, improving consistency of implementation of key policies and procedures, updating the employee handbook, and other work from the 3Cs Cross-Functional Team. 

Learn more about the Roundtables by visiting the 3Cs Process page (details under spring 2022) or the 3Cs Resources and Training page.