The college’s work to nurture a culture of Collaboration, Connection & Caring (3Cs) continues with training resources and guides.

The fifth in this series of guides is called “Inclusion.” This guide helps explain why inclusion is critical to the work we do at ACC and how leading with an inclusive mind can help provide others with a sense of overall belonging regardless of their ethnicity, race, sexuality, gender, age, or ability. 

The guide offers tips and advice for ways in which you can promote inclusion in your day-to-day work at the college. Some recommendations include:

  • Practice Micro-Affirmations | Small gestures such as opening the door for people and greeting them with a warm welcome, asking people their preferred pronouns, and publicly attributing credit to someone for ideas or work they’ve done are examples of micro-affirmations. 
  • Actively Include & Seek Input | Encourage collaboration with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. 
  • Take an Equity Pause | Ask yourself to consider what you know about another person and then ask them open-ended questions to learn more.
  • Examine Your Assumptions | Challenge yourself to not assume anything. You can do this by asking questions and leading with a curious mind.
  • Listen Carefully | Use verbal and non-verbal cues to show you’re actively listening. This can help others feel understood.  
  • Ensure All Voices Are Heard | Use follow-up emails or smaller one-on-one meetings to recognize the different ways employees may contribute to the conversation. 
  • Have Brave, Respectful Communications | Become comfortable with constructive challenges and encourage others to speak up.
  • Celebrate & Cultivate Differences | Work to notice your colleagues’ preferences and adapt yours to engage effectively with them. 
  • Understand & Acknowledge Each Person’s Contribution | Encourage the use of individual talents through positive feedback in team environments.
  • Have Ongoing Education & Reflection | Develop a practice of reflecting at the end of the day or week about how inclusively you are behaving. 

To learn more about ways to promote inclusion, and to find other resources and tools, view the full 3Cs Guide on Inclusion.  

About the 3Cs Guides

Developed from the combined expertise and insights of the Spring 2022 3Cs Learning Community and in response to requests from the 2021 and 2022 3Cs Roundtables, these guides offer support and action steps you can take to demonstrate 3Cs in your daily work at the college.

For more information and resources, view the 3Cs Guides. For all information about the 3Cs work happening at ACC, visit the 3Cs informational website on the FacStaff Info Hub.