2020-21 Accomplishments

  • Established the 3Cs Cross-Functional Planning Team to develop 3Cs tools and resources for ACC employees, including articulating definitions of collaboration, connection, and caring.
  • Hosted employee roundtable discussions and provided opportunities to hear from employees across the college on how to define the 3Cs and enhance the work culture.
  • With employee input, established the 3Cs definitions of collaboration, connection, and caring.


  • Improved emergency notifications, enhancing the college’s ability to reach all stakeholders with vital information during events like the COVID-19 pandemic and Winter Storm “Uri.”
  • Expanded Chancellor’s communications to include regular updates to the Board of Trustees, employees, and students.
  • Launched Campus Conversations with the Chancellor series (live-streamed and aired on ACCTV) with 10 virtual conversations averaging 300 participants, including three focused on the 3Cs in Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021.
  • Designed and launched the employee “Info Hub” for easy access to relevant college news and information.
  • Established a Cross-College Communications Team to prioritize collegewide communications, improve channels, and increase communications within and among divisions of the college.
  • Launched MyACC student and employee portals to improve access to academic and business systems and work-related information.
  • Expanded the FacStaff Digest e-newsletter and social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) to increase the flow of information.


  • Set 2021-22 training targets: 100% of administrators, 50% managers, and 25% employees. In 2020-21, 67 administrators and 52 managers received training.
  • Assisted the Administrative Services Council (ASC) in revising the employee complaint and grievance process.
  • Developed process for upward feedback of supervisors. This work remains ongoing.
  • Implemented a virtual wellness program.
  • Expanded access to mental health resources.


  • Designed and implemented the Employee Climate “Check-In” Survey in Spring 2021.
  • Employee satisfaction with college communication increased from 3.2 to 3.7 within a year, surpassing the target of 3.5 on a scale of 1-5.
  • The highest area of improvement is “I feel that college decisions are communicated in an accurate and timely manner,” from 2.92 to 3.67.
  • Highest overall were: “During emergencies or times of crisis, I receive appropriate safety information,” 4.27; “I have access to ACC news and information I need to do my work effectively,” 4.06; and “I feel my supervisor shares information about college initiatives with me on a regular basis,” 4.01.

2021-22 Next Steps

  • Create a 3Cs website and share definitions.
  • Promote and conduct the biennial Employee Climate Survey.
  • Reach professional development/training targets for administrators (100%), managers (50%), and employees (25%).
  • Strengthen connections between a 3Cs work culture and student satisfaction/success.
  • Complete the design and implement the process for upward feedback of supervisors.
  • Design a 3Cs orientation for new supervisors and employees.
  • Implement the complaint and grievance administrative rule and guidelines as approved by ASC.
  • Create and promote effective communications tools, resources, and information sessions.