Pardon our dust, there are some exciting changes happening now at the Highland Campus! 

Last year, some student services moved temporarily to allow for the construction and renovation of four new student support spaces: a welcome center, student support center, Student Life lounge, and Student Affairs suite. 

See below for a quick preview of each area:

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center at ACC Highland is a place where students and community members can come and explore the college’s programs and areas of study. In this space, students and guests can do the following:

  • Discover career paths and how to navigate them
  • Ask questions and get answers directly from ACC staff
  • Learn about the free support services and benefits of being a Riverbat

Student Care Center 

The Student Care Center is an on-campus hub where students can get support for life outside of school. The space will provide:

  • A grab-and-go food store
  • Resources for things like housing, bills, clothing, legal aid, medical insurance, and other living expenses
  • Events, workshops, and clinics
  • 1-on-1 support applying for state benefits like SNAP, Medicaid, and WIC
  • Community partners who want to see you succeed

The center will also have dedicated staff available to help students find the resources they need to address their immediate needs. 

Student Life 

The new Highland Student Life lounge space, located across the hall from the old Student Life space, is specially designed for our students. It’s a place for Riverbats to socialize, study, attend events, find their passions, and serve their fellow Riverbats as student leaders. The Student Life lounge is designed for students to come as they are and feel at home. 

Student Affairs Suite

The Student Affairs Suite is getting a makeover!

This new design will offer:

  • Expanded waiting areas to serve more students inside the space 
  • New technology to display timely updates and information 
  • New check-in desk to make sure you have a smooth experience when visiting our Student Affairs Offices.

Overall this project will help our staff serve students better and help students get what they need quickly and efficiently. 

To learn more about these Highland construction projects, please visit