It is scholarship season at Austin Community College District. Students are encouraged to submit ACC’s single scholarship application by May 1, 2023, for priority consideration for the fall semester. 

Below are three easy ways you, as an ACC employee, can help a student land a scholarship:

1. Let Students Know

Faculty and staff who interact with students daily can help make sure they know it is scholarship season and that it is easy for them to apply. If you’re a faculty or front-facing student staff member, consider sending an email to your students. Email campaigns are a great way to make sure students get important information from people they know and trust. Here are some helpful links to resources and the application that you may want to include: 

2. Encourage Students to Get Support

ACC offers in-person and virtual support sessions for students who want help getting started with their application. This semester, students can schedule an appointment with a specialist or visit the ACCelerator where staff are on hand and ready to help. Appointments can be made online through the Scholarships web page

3. Offer a Letter of Recommendation

This outreach can often give students a boost of confidence and encouragement to apply. Most scholarships don’t require a letter of recommendation, but all students can still submit one with their application. Consider reaching out to three students who you think deserve a scholarship and offer to write them a letter of recommendation.

In the past year, the ACC Foundation awarded more than $1.3 million in scholarships. This year, the college has a goal to award 1,000 scholarships. 

There are options available for everyone — not just for straight-A students. The Foundation has special scholarships for longtime workers, students with different backgrounds/heritage, nursing majors, welders, and many more. We encourage everyone to apply. 

For more information, visit the ACC student scholarship page.