Austin Community College District (ACC) is starting to adorn campuses with special banners districtwide to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The Campus Operations team began the installation before the winter break, and work continues in the first few weeks of January.

More than 270 banners are going up on campus poles and posts, and you may recognize some of the faces. The banners feature images of ACC students, faculty, staff, and founders, including:  

Faculty, Staff, and College Founders:  

    • Gary Moreno, El Centro Director
    • Amber Sarker, Student Development Faculty
    • Roland Hayes, ACC Founder & African American Cultural Center Director
    • Bill & Maxine Montgomery, ACC Founders
    • Jesse Trevino, ACC District Police Department Officer & Former Student
    • Lynn Liu, Asian American & Pacific Islander Cultural Center Director


    • Christine P., Adult Career Scholars scholarship recipient
    • Johanna H., Glenn High School Dual Credit student
    • Omar S., Art Metal student
    • Sydnie H., Engineering student
    • Justin H., ADMC student who participated in the Community College Innovation Challenge in 2021
    • Ian D., Nursing student
    • Margo D., Radio-Television-Film student
    • Roderick W., Marketing student
    • Mary M., Communication student
    • Luis L., Engineering student & Career Scholars scholarship recipient
    • Paige S., Adult Career Scholars scholarship recipient
    • Elizabeth B., Art Metal student

 View some of the banners installed in the slideshow below.