The ACC Bioscience Incubator (ABI) launches the second season of its podcast series, ‘Science in the Mall, Y’all’. 

Season 1 showcased the various biotechnology companies that found a home at the ACC Bioscience Incubator. Each episode explored what the companies were doing and the problems they sought to tackle in the field of Science. 

In season two, the podcast will feature the insights of ACC students who were hired as specialty interns at ABI. 

“Our ACC students are truly what help us keep this place going,” says Nancy Lyon, ACC Bioscience Incubator director. “We’ve had the honor of working with some pretty impressive students, and we’re excited to bring their stories to everyone else. We can all learn a lot from hearing about their journeys.”

In the first episode of season 2, Lyon sits down with two of the first students who were hired as interns at ABI. 

Both Marcia McCallum and Mauricio Tellez have been through the Biotechnology program at ACC, completed an internship at the Incubator, and continued on in the field. 

“What we really want to convey is the fact that it’s their unique personalities, interests, and experiences that have led them to different career paths within the life sciences,” says Lyon. “After taking some time to get to know them, we meet again with each of them with their current employers and hear about what it was about that employer that attracted them to their current job, and what about that person got them hired into that position. The conversations also dissect some of the typical titles you might encounter and how that translates into what the day-to-day looks like.”

Listen to the podcast here