Planning for ACC’s new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) continues with several subcommittees working to prepare for the final QEP report and presentation.

Each group is exploring how to bring the topic of our QEP —  Digital Fluency for Today’s Jobs — to life. Digital Fluency is described as the ability to use one’s knowledge of modern digital tools to communicate, gather, analyze, and manipulate data to address a problem or convey an idea to diverse audiences in meaningful and ethical ways. 

There are five total subcommittees involved in the QEP process. Two groups are focused on development for the QEP, including best practices and assessment. The remaining three are focused on implementation from resource development to framework/timeline and writing. 

Development is expected to continue through August. Beginning in September, implementation will begin. 

To follow the progress and to explore more about the development phase , visit the new annoted bibliography on the college’s QEP Lib Guide or watch THIS VIDEO to learn more about the project and how it’s expected to improve both student learning and student success at ACC.

The final report will be shared with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOCS) in October as part of the college’s reaffirmation process. 

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