On July 14, the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) held a Course Redesign Fellowship Faculty forum with a panel of fellowship faculty participants and facilitators to discuss their experiences and share how fellowships can benefit all ACC faculty and support student success. The Course Redesign Fellowships provide an array of opportunities for faculty to take a close look at their curriculum alongside a dedicated group of colleagues, under the direction of a faculty facilitator.  


  • Arun John, Fellowship Facilitator, Liberal Arts Gateway
  • Theodore Hadzi-Antich, Fellowship Facilitator, Great Questions
  • Chris Burfict, Fellow, Adobe Creative Fellowship
  • Rob Crowl, Fellow, Liberal Arts Gateway
  • Alana King, Fellow, Great Question

During the panel, fellows emphasized the benefits of becoming a part of a community. The fellowship programs provide an incredible opportunity to become part of a network of faculty colleagues striving toward shared goals. Additionally, at the conclusion of a fellowship, participants leave with a tangible product – a redesigned course that can be immediately implemented. 

Ted Hadzi-Antich, Associate Professor in the Government department and facilitator of the Great Questions Fellowship, discussed the benefits of bringing together faculty from a wide range of disciplines.  According to Hadzi-Antich:

“We saw an opportunity with the fellowship to broaden the magical method of discussion-based study of transformative texts and raise these persistent human questions for us into other disciplines. Through the [Great Questions] fellowship we’ve been able to encourage and support faculty in communication studies, humanities, philosophy, sociology, mathematics, composition and literary studies, political science, and so many different disciplines. Being able to work with colleagues directly not just in a couple of meetings, but over the course of an entire academic year has been a really lovely experience.”

The best part about the fellowships, as many participants stressed, is that the only limit to the opportunity is your own imagination.  Each fellowship is unique and brings to it the strengths and creativity of each faculty fellow.  Additionally,  each fellowship is structured with a distinct set of goals and needs in mind.  To learn more about each fellowship, please visit the ACC Course Redesign Fellowships webpage. Applications open for upcoming Course Redesign Fellowships in late fall. Sign up to receive reminders for upcoming fellowship opportunities. 

View Recording of the Course Redesign Fellowship Faculty Forum.

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