Submitted by Student Affairs Communications

ACC employees looking for opportunities to make a difference in students’ lives are invited to become a mentor for this year’s cohort of Ascender students.

Ascender is a free student support program open to all first-year ACC students wanting to earn a bachelor’s degree either at ACC or through transfer to a four-year university. 

In addition to receiving one-on-one mentoring, students in the program take classes together, attend family-friendly events, form friendships, and celebrate LatinX culture along the way.

Mentoring is a crucial component of Ascender. The unique relationship between mentor and mentee helps students begin to form a network of individuals who will support them through their first year of college. Many students in the program are the first in their families to attend college. Mentors serve as a valuable, guiding voice that is often able to motivate students throughout the semester and help them see the bigger picture when they are struggling or need direction. 

The time commitment required as a mentor is minimal (approximately 6 to 9 hours during the semester), and the impact on students is invaluable. 

For more information about the program, visit the Ascender website. Complete the Mentor Profile Form to show your interest.