Is it time to replace your hardware? Austin Community College’s (ACC) Tech plan covers the replacement of computers every five years for all faculty and staff.  


  1. Submit an ACC Service Request Form (login required) Mojo Ticket for an IT Technician to assess any technical issues the laptop or desktop is experiencing.
  2. An IT Technician will assess your situation and provide recommendations to fix, obtain a loaner, or receive a replacement system. (Note: staff who are assigned desktop systems are now being replaced with laptops. If you receive a replacement laptop, the laptop will be a replacement for your current ACC device and not in addition to any other devices you may currently have at ACC.)
  3. If a loaner or replacement is recommended, you’ll need to obtain approvals from your supervisor chain of command up through the vice chancellor of your division.
  4. The vice chancellor of your division will approve or deny the request.
  5. If vice chancellor approval is obtained, you’ll need to complete the Technology Hardware Request Form
  6. After submission, a member of the IT staff will reach out to schedule the system pick-up.


  1. If you have a software request, an expiring warranty, or a pre-existing application or service that IT needs to review for renewal, submit this form.
  2. If you have an IT hardware request, such as a monitor that needs approval, or if you’re in a new position, submit this form


  1. BEFORE SUBMITTING A NEW SOFTWARE APPROVAL REQUEST: Make sure you send an email to get approval from your division’s budget authority (Cost Center Manager).
  2. IF this is a tech plan renewal, you do not need the approvals as defined above.
  3. Any replacement greater than $200 resulting from damage, loss, or theft must be accompanied by your executive vice chancellor’s approval.
  4. Requests to change from a desktop workstation to a laptop setup workstation require approval from a dean/department chair or associate vice chancellor/vice chancellor.
  5. To replace a working phone or install an extra phone for existing personnel positions, click here.
  6. P-Card Restricted List
  7. PLAN AHEAD as it currently may take up to 1 month for a request to process through to fruition.
  8. Requests for replacement systems will result in a visit from IT Technical Support. This is to determine the solution to each individual request. While the system may not be replaced, it may be eligible for an upgrade kit that will extend its capabilities to better perform its function. The need for upgrade and replacement is based on the function of the machine, its age, and not a simple function of being out of warranty.
  9. Business Justification – Please be detailed. How will you use the software? Why do you need that type of laptop? This helps us better understand your needs.
  10. Apple devices or laptops must be justified based on your job function and not based on preference.
  11. Submission of a request does not mean automatic approval. All requests will be vetted thoroughly so the more detailed information you add to your request the less IT will hopefully have to contact you to clarify the information.
  12. If the approved vendor does not accept purchase orders IT will process this request using alternate approved methods.
  13. Even though an application might be preapproved, there may be conditions or constraints that deem the application/service unsatisfactory for integration within the current or future infrastructure.
  14. Any purchasing questions, please refer to the purchasing Resources for ACC Employees.
  15. If ACC IT hardware items are misplaced, stolen, or damaged and new items are requested, your executive vice chancellor will need to provide approval before IT will review the request.
  16. Complete IT Approval Process.

Click HERE to view the complete IT Approval Process.