Austin Community College District (ACC) has a new Vice Chancellor of Information Technology (Chief Information Officer). Jason Marshall has been promoted to the position from his previous role as ACC’s associate vice chancellor of IT Shared Services & Enterprise Architecture.

Marshall’s career spans the gamut of the technology discipline, from technology infrastructure, software development, and technical analysis to project management and IT leadership.

Before joining ACC full-time in 2021, Marshall served as a project management and enterprise architecture consultant to the college for two years. Additionally, Marshall held various positions in technology management at World Education Services and spent several years consulting, training, and building out technology functions for a variety of companies in various industries, including Insurance, telecommunications, and education.

Marshall has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the City University of New York School of Professional Studies and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Science from Barbados Community College. He has also earned certifications in Project Management and Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

Learn more about Marshall and his new role.

What drives your interest in the work of a CIO? 
Having a passion for both business and technology, I have often found myself drawn to working in areas where the two intersect. I have led or been involved in multiple business transformations where the use of technology has been integral to business growth and success. Those experiences have always been the most fulfilling for me in my career. I see being a CIO as the ultimate opportunity to help shape the success of an organization through the use of technology, and I am very much looking forward to helping ACC continue to shine as one of the nation’s leading colleges. 

What do you hope to accomplish as CIO?
There are many things I hope to accomplish as CIO at ACC. First, I’d like to build a world-class IT department that functions as well as, if not better than, the IT departments of our nation’s many large successful enterprises. I think we have great talent on the team, and the college has shown interest and invested in its technology team, so that level of excellence is well within our reach. Beyond that, and perhaps more importantly, I hope to be able to support the college’s strategic goals aimed at student success. The IT department is here to help ACC achieve its mission and we’re only doing that if we are focused on those broad organizational objectives. If at the end of my tenure as CIO I can say that I enabled the success of this organization and helped achieve those goals, I will consider that a great accomplishment.

As someone who has worked at ACC prior to taking on this new role, what do you think will be the biggest opportunity ahead?
At this point in time ACC happens to be one of the leading educators and employers in one of the nation’s largest, most thriving tech hubs. This means that we have the opportunity to build partnerships that both benefit us as an organization and significantly benefit our student population as we prepare them to enter the booming Austin job market. We also have an opportunity to advance our own technologies so that we’re keeping pace with the industry as it advances around us. I think now is the time to take advantage of those opportunities and use this influx of tech sector giants along with our own investments to help ACC grow and serve the student population of Austin.