Recordings from Austin Community College District’s (ACC) first virtual summit focused on the complexities of the transfer process are now available. More than 220 stakeholders attended the Future of Transfer & Transition Summit July 26-29, 2021. Participants included administrators, policymakers, faculty, staff, high school and university partners, and students from the Texas region, as well as national experts.

“Excellent insights from a very impressive group of partners. ACC did an outstanding job of pulling together experts,” one participant shared. The valuable information and resources collected will be used in ACC’s ongoing planning efforts to develop new service and support models for improving transfer student success. Employees are encouraged to view the session recordings, which include topics such as:

– ACC Collaboration with Transfer Partners
– Equity
– Regional, Statewide, and National Perspectives/Context
– Transfer Research

Participants shared key takeaways, including:

– “Transfer is not just a community college issue, it is an equity issue.”
– “Much of the material directly relates to the course I teach + I can assist my students by providing them with ways to apply the material to real life.”
– “I remain convinced of the value and importance of our student services (career counselors, academic coaches, and tutors) and faculty, but especially in dedicated and well-trained advisors. I’m also impressed by what the College is already doing to help students successfully navigate transitions to and from ACC.”

Access the session recordings.

Contributed by Courtney Grams, TLED Communications Director