One faculty member ran a “chicken camp” this summer.

Hey ACC faculty! Here are a few things you may have missed while on summer vacation.

1. TLED’s first Summer Club, our fun and silly way of helping faculty stay connected to each other, asked questions like: 

  • What song do you know all the lyrics to?
  • If you could only take three movies with you to a deserted island, which would they be? 
  • If you were to choose another profession outside of teaching, what would it be?, and,  
  • What hobbies will you pursue this summer?

See more photos and responses from your colleagues on the TLED Facebook Page

2. Faculty Evaluations are getting a makeover. We spoke to three leading members of the process about the changes to expect from future faculty evaluations, which you can read about in Part I and Part II. The last installment of our three-part series will be featured in TLED’s Weekly Newsletter at the end of this month — stay tuned! 

3. Connect with your colleagues by reading their stories in our Teaching & Learning Champions series. This summer, we highlighted:

  • Jim Burleson, Adjunct Professor of Foreign Language (Latin) 
  • Dr. Tim Altanero, Professor of Foreign Language (Spanish) 
  • Aaron Delgado, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. Richard Espinosa, Department Chair, Allied Health Sciences 
  • Shannon Bui, Professor, Pharmacy Technician 
  • Silke Morin, Assistant Professor, Biology 

4. TLED’s Summer Events: