Austin Community College hosts a Faculty Evaluation Forum 1 to 3 p.m. Friday, April 23. The forum offers an opportunity for faculty to hear updates from the Shared Governance Faculty Development and Evaluation Committee and the TLED Faculty Development and Evaluation Office.

Faculty will be able to ask questions, share feedback, and provide insight on the current evolution of faculty evaluation for all faculty groups. Participants also will learn about the next steps in making the faculty evaluation process more equitable, more meaningful, and more relevant to faculty, department chairs, and students.

Dr. Philip Stark will serve as the keynote speaker to share insights on research around the bias of Student Evaluations of Teaching and the transformational move made at UC Berkeley and other institutions seeking to develop a more holistic new teaching evaluation system that recognizes and rewards teaching excellence. Dr. Stark is Professor of Statistics, Associate Dean in the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and Interim Regional Associate Dean, College of Chemistry and Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at University of California, Berkeley.

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