Parking at Austin Community College District’s Highland Campus will change beginning Monday, February 15, due to ongoing construction and development.

Parking Updates

The north and west parking lots located immediately in front of ACC Highland Building 1000 will close indefinitely. Parking for all ACC Highland Campus buildings will be redirected to the east parking lot located between Buildings 1000 and 4000. Concurrently, most parking entrances along East Highland Mall Boulevard will close. The available east parking lot will be accessible through Will Davis Drive via ACC Highland Campus Drive.

Building Access Updates

As a result of these parking changes, the designated entrances to ACC Highland buildings also will change beginning Monday, February 15.

The Building 1000 entrance will relocate from the west side to the east side. The designated exit will remain at the north side. The designated entrance and exit for Building 4000 will not change.

There will no longer be a designated entrance for Building 2000. Campus visitors will instead check in at the designated entrances for Buildings 1000 and 4000 and may use the connecting portal doors into 2000. The designated exit for Building 2000 remains at the southside lower level of the paseo. Guests also may use the designated exits in Buildings 1000 and 4000.

ACC Highland Campus Parking Map