For some, the path after high school is clear. For others, it is about finding the right time, the right fit, and the financial support.

“A lot of my classmates were always talking applications and letters and college. It was hectic. I thought to myself, I feel kind of left out. I had no interest in living a traditional college life, but I knew I needed to do something for my future that would bring value and allow me to keep learning.”

That is when 3D animation student Jeremiah Sudarmanto started looking into Austin Community College District (ACC).

“I had no interest in college at first because throughout my life my family didn’t have enough money to pay for it. Once I learned about the affordability of ACC, I knew it was an option. Even before I fully committed to coming, the first thing I did was apply for financial aid. It was a good feeling to know the financial support I would get.”

Jeremiah took some dual credit classes while in high school, but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do from there. 

“After high schooI, I wanted something quiet and simple. I definitely found that with ACC. The small classes let me connect directly with my professors and get feedback — not get lost in the crowd. I don’t have to have a set schedule or plan. I can make the classes work for me.”

As he works toward completing his degree in summer 2025, Jeremiah is also putting his skills to work through opportunities. 

“I’m a freelance artist with ties to the creative scene in Austin. I spend most of my time making content for musicians and dancers. My classes in 3D animation are helping me round out the skills I already have to continue what I’m already doing. I love highlighting creative voices in Austin through my freelance video production services!”

Taking advantage of the opportunities the college offers also helped Jeremiah commit to his future. He was selected for an internship with the college’s Office of College Relations & Marketing. 

“My internship allowed me to be involved with my school in a level past being a student, knowing its operations inside and out and being able to learn the culture behind what it means to be a Riverbat. I got mentorship and to learn about how to value myself in the workplace and make smart career decisions.”

Fall registration remains open. Classes begin Monday, August 26. For more information, visit for more details. (Haga clic aquí para Español,