ACC requires Wi-Fi access certificates to be renewed annually. If you receive an email titled “Wi-Fi Access Expiration” from ACC Networking, it is time to renew your ACC Wi-Fi certificate. 

This certificate is used to connect to the “ACC Secure” network when you are on campus. If the certificate expires, you can no longer connect to “ACC Secure” until a new certificate is acquired. 

Note that this does not pertain to your virtual private network (VPN) or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) when remote working.

If you receive this expiration email, here are the steps you need to follow to regain access to ACC’s wireless network. 

Options to renew/acquire a certificate

Option 1 (Remote) | Visit while on the VPN and complete the enrollment process.

Option 2 (On Campus) | Connect to “ACC Start Here” when on campus and complete the enrollment process. Find the Enrollment Process Guide HERE

For ACC faculty and staff support, contact the ACC Service Desk at 512-223-8324 (TECH).

For ACC student support, contact the Student Helpline at 512-223-4636.