From ACC Human Resources’ HappyHR Newsletter

ACC’s Human Resources department continues to grow and is excited to announce a significant evolution in how we serve our community. With a team of 32 dedicated professionals, we’ve been diligently supporting 6,000 or so staff and faculty members from our office at the Highland Campus. However, recognizing the importance of direct engagement, we’re introducing a transformative approach to HR connectivity.

To ensure a more personalized and responsive service, we’ve appointed three accomplished HR experts to serve as ACC’s new Business Partners. These individuals will be tasked with regularly visiting designated campuses, fostering direct interactions, and addressing your HR inquiries effectively. By enhancing our understanding of the employee journey, we aim to elevate the overall experience for everyone at ACC.

We’re thrilled to welcome Donald Jackson, Aly Wang, and Erica Breedlove as ACC’s inaugural HR Business Partners. 

In addition to directly assisting staff and faculty, our business partners will serve as strategic advisors to executive vice chancellors and vice chancellors. Their responsibilities will encompass a range of crucial HR functions, including:

  • Supporting the college’s Theory of Change through effective change management strategies,
  • Developing and implementing talent acquisition strategies to secure the right skill sets,
  • Establishing robust succession planning initiatives to nurture future ACC leaders, and
  • Providing guidance on employee relations matters and fostering a positive work environment.

Currently, they are working on refining their operational plans and collaborating with ACC leadership to ensure seamless integration. In the coming weeks, we’ll provide more details about their backgrounds, campus assignments, and how you can connect with them.

Stay tuned for an upcoming virtual session where you can get to know Donald, Aly, and Erica better. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to them via [email protected]

Together, let’s embark on this journey of enhanced HR support and engagement at ACC!