ACC welcomes new and returning Riverbats to a new semester on Monday, August 21. Preliminary data continue to show steady growth in our overall enrollment compared to the prior two years and a significant increase in our new student enrollment.

As of August 16, 33,300 students are enrolled for the fall 2023 semester, a 4% increase from fall 2022 and a 2% increase from fall 2021. New student enrollment is at 8,467, a 14% increase from fall 2022 and a 24% increase from fall 2021.

This fall, ACC continues its Welcome, Riverbats effort to help provide a warm and welcoming environment for all our students on their first days of classes.

Welcome Riverbats Campus Tabling

Welcome Riverbats started last fall as a pilot with ACC Office of College Relations & Marketing volunteers stationed around Highland Campus to help students on their first two days of classes. It expanded in spring 2023 to include welcome tables on all ACC campuses manned by faculty and staff volunteers, and the response has been very positive.

This semester, more than 250 ACC employees volunteered to welcome students across the district with snacks, swag, and information on Monday, August 21, and Tuesday, August 22. 

First Week Webpage

The college also created a Welcome Riverbats webpage to help students get important information they need to know in their first week of classes. Students can get information on parking, how to find their classes, get their ID card, access wi-fi, and much more.

Have students visit the to learn more. 

Welcome Riverbats Video

For those who like to get their information from videos, ACCTV created a 5-minute welcome video. ACCTV host and ACC student Sebastian shares top tips that students need to know to help their first week and fall semester go smoothly. Watch it below.