To better support our students, ACC will implement a staggered registration schedule for fall 2023. The new schedule is based on the student’s total credit hours. Please refer to the schedule below to find the new registration dates for all students. 

This change is designed to reduce wait times and system glitches by distributing the registration traffic more evenly across the first week of registration. It also prioritizes registration for students who are close to the finish line so that they can get the classes they need to complete their degree plan. 

Fall 2023 Registration Schedule

  • May 15 – Current/former with 60+ credit hours
  • May 16 – Current/former with 45+ credit hours
  • May 17 – Current/former with 30+ credit hours
  • May 18 – Current/former with 15+ credit hours
  • May 19 – Current/former with 1-14 credit hours, and all NEW students with zero hours

It’s important to know, this registration schedule is based on ACC credit hours and does not include transfer credits. To determine credit hours counted, students should log into their Self-Service portal under “Student Planning. From there, select “My Progress” to see how many “Total Credits from this School” they have accumulated (see the example below):

We appreciate your support in communicating this important message to students. If your students have questions about credit hours, please encourage them to contact the help desk for assistance.