The new year is a great time to renew our collective commitment to data-informed decision-making at ACC. This month’s Data Debrief video highlights the First-Year Completer Survey that the Office of Institutional Research & Analytics (OIRA) conducted in 2022. This survey gathers in-depth information from the students that completed degrees or certificates in the 2020-2021 academic year. 

The survey results specifically provide information on the current employment status of completers, the impact of earning an ACC award on their job/career (such as more responsibility and increased income), satisfaction with their ACC experiences, assessment of their skill development in critical areas as a result of their ACC education, and future educational plans.

The First-Year Completer Survey is an important component of the college’s growing research portfolio focused on the labor and transfer outcomes of our students. It helps us deepen our understanding of the wage and employment data available in the post-completion dashboards OIRA released last year.  

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Watch the February Data Debrief below.

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