Austin Community College District (ACC) will implement new login options for its Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system this semester.

Beginning February 2023, the college will begin to phase out the option to log into Okta using a security question. Instead, all users will have the option to select among the following MFA options for Okta:

  • SMS Authenticator
  • Voice Call Authentication
  • Okta Verify
  • Google Authenticator
  • YubiKey

The MFA project is part of the college’s Technology Master Plan and is one of the chancellor’s priorities (to modernize ACC’s infrastructure). The MFA system is designed to enhance remote login security and prevent unauthorized access to ACC systems. The intent is to protect all internal applications within ACC’s single sign-on (SSO) with an MFA. This process is a standard procedure for today’s infrastructure.

Learn more about MFA here.

For training videos, frequently asked questions, and other tips and helpful information about Okta, please visit this link.