ACC is in the process of developing its new strategic plan, and student input is a vital component of the process. The Strategic Planning Committee and the Student Input Subcommittee have started on the collection and categorization of student input.

During fall 2022 finals week, committee representatives solicited initial input by tabling at six ACC campuses, catching students as they walked to and from exams. 

Students were asked to briefly respond to one or all three of the following questions:

1.       What can ACC do to make you feel more supported as a student?
2.       What can ACC do to add to or enhance your learning experience?
3.       What is one thing that has gotten in the way of your academic progress?

Coordinators report students were enthusiastic about giving their input. 343 responses were collected.

The Strategic Planning Committee is now working with a consultant to categorize responses into themes. 

Additional opportunities to capture student input will occur during spring 2023 Welcome Week events. Plans also are underway for student focus groups and large student community gatherings.   

ACC’s existing strategic plan is set to expire at the end of August 2023 after being extended to allow the college time to take a focused look into how ACC will reenvision the strategic focus with lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

For information on upcoming internal and external community forums, continue to check the college’s Strategic Planning website