ACC’s Annual Giving Tree program supports Student Advocacy Center students and their families over the holiday season. Faculty and staff are encouraged to sponsor a child by visiting the virtual Giving Tree and selecting a tag by Friday, November 18.

The Giving Tree Tags will provide the child’s name, age, gender, and gift ideas or wishlist. Gift delivery can be done in person or online. To sponsor a child, please follow the following instructions:

  1. View this Giving Tree Website or Google sheet. Navigate to the tab for your campus and select a child to sponsor for the holidays.
  2. Once you pick a child, please add your name under the Staff Name Column and your email address.
  3. Click on the Wishlist Link for the child you have chosen (if available) and choose a gift, or choose a gift from the gift ideas provided. Some students have created wishlists, while others have given general gift ideas.
  4. Choose a method of delivery. Some children’s wish lists may have the option to deliver the gift straight to the students’ address, while others may not. Once you choose a method of delivery, please go back to the spreadsheet and complete the column “Method of Delivery” so that we are aware of how to expect the gift.
  5. If you choose to ship the gift to your own address or choose a child without a wishlist, please wrap the gift and drop the items in the Campus Manager’s office in Building 2000, Room 2400. Please do not leave the gifts at the Information desk. 

If you have any questions or find a problem with a wishlist, please contact Madiha Kark at [email protected].