Austin Community College District (ACC) would like to recognize the following employees who retired this summer and thank them for their service to the college. ACC faculty and staff are encouraged to share their memories in the comments below. 

This list will be updated throughout the summer. 

Rene Renteria, Teaching & Learning Excellence Media Services Manager, 11 years of service
Michael Mak, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Senior Lab Assistant, 5 years of service

Lee Syga, District Police Patrol, 11 years of service

John (Ross) Oliver, Student Development Professor, 47 years of service
Paula Robertson-Rose, English Professor, 46 years of service
Jose Flores, English Professor, 34 years of service
Marieline McGhee, Learning Lab Manager, 30 years of service
Tomi Welch, Admissions and Enrollment Degree Audit and Graduation Services Manager, 30 years of service
Nina Baj, Biology Science Lab Technician, 25 years of service
Kazel Morgan, English Professor, 22 years of service
Tommie Acree, Learning Labs Administrative Assistant II, 21 years of service
David Gruell, Emergency Medical Services Professions Professor, 15 years of service
Paul Thayer, Computer Science Adjunct Faculty, 14 years of service
Wayne Butler, Business, Government, and Technical Communication Professor, 5 years of service
Renetta (Joy) Nicholas, Management Adjunct Faculty, 5 years of service