Fiscal Year-End Procurement Guidelines and Deadlines

The Austin Community College District’s Procure to Pay (P2P) department is accepting end-of-year requisition requests. 

The P2P team shares fiscal year-end procurement guidelines and deadlines to help areas of the college submit their requests in time for FY22 budgets. 

The following timeline allows sufficient time for the P2P department to review bids, conduct evaluations, approve requisitions, schedule order shipments, and audit receipts to ensure compliance with ACC’s Policies and Procedures. The types of purchases or spend categories deadlines are listed below. 


  • Submit requisitions for furniture and capital equipment.
    • Must have at least eight (8) weeks lead time.


  • Receive brand approval from the Office of College Relations and Marketing (OCRM) for specially designed items. Visit for merchandise ordering instructions.


  • Receive brand approval from the OCRM for items using standard ACC or department logos. Visit for merchandise ordering instructions.


  • Submit requisitions for promotional items.
  • Submit requisitions for goods and services from $10,000 to under $50,000.


  • Submit punch-out or online orders from Amazon, Office Depot, and Staples.
  • Submit requests for prepayments.
  • Submit all other requisitions for goods and services under $10,000.


  • All FY22 goods and services must be received (in Workday by the warehouse) on or before Wednesday, August 31.

FY22 purchase orders will not roll over to FY23 budgets. Goods and services received on or after Thursday, September 1, 2022, will be paid from your FY23 budget. Please ensure compliance with the following:

  • Adherence to the above schedule will allow:
    1) requisitions to be processed promptly
    2) sufficient lead time to receive the goods and services before the fiscal year ends
    3) payment to be remitted from FY22 funds
  • Any requisition received after the deadlines listed above and approved by any cost center manager indicates their approval to charge the purchase(s) to the FY23 budget.
  • Purchase orders (P.O.s) from FY22 should be closed when the invoices have been paid, or the books are closed.

For more information, contact the P2P Team for assistance.