Contributed by Student Affairs Communications

As we all continue to process and grieve the recent tragedies across our country, you may hear from students who are struggling to keep up in the classroom or are in distress and seeking support. Faculty and staff are often the first to notice when students are struggling in some way. 

ACC’s Campus Assessment Response Evaluation and Support (CARES) team is here to provide early intervention. The purpose of the CARES program is to coordinate a collaborative network of institutional and community resources to build and maintain student well-being, especially in times like these. 

The CARES team has three major functions:

  • Develop individualized student intervention and support strategies,
  • Assess referrals and recommend actions according to college policies and best practices in behavioral intervention management, and 
  • Engage in an intervention plan with the student.

Alternatively, students may directly request an appointment to meet with ACC’s Clinical Counseling Team. Our counselors offer services and programs across the district to foster life balance, develop personal and academic growth, and help maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

As a reminder, please review the processes below:

CARES Referrals
If you notice signs of distress, you may express your concern directly to the student by letting them know you would like to refer them to CARES to get them help and by gathering more information if you feel comfortable doing so. If you do not feel comfortable approaching the student, you may make an anonymous referral. Complete the CARES Referral Form here

For more guidelines on submitting a CARES referral, please visit

District Clinical Counseling
To schedule an appointment with an ACC Clinical Counselor, please complete the Request Form and check your ACC email account.

For more information about District Clinical Counseling and other local mental health community resources, please visit

Faculty and Staff Resources
Finally, remember to take care of yourself. Many are feeling scared and confused. Reach out to the people you love, seek support, and extend grace toward yourself and others. Don’t forget about our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Administered by Deer Oaks, the EAP provides free, short-term counseling. Employees have up to eight (8) confidential sessions with an EAP counselor at no cost. Use the contact information below to book a session:

EAP Helpline: 1-888-993-7650
TTY/TDD: 1-800-735-2989
Email: [email protected]
Website:  (login & password = austinccd)