The Riverbats Employee Bravo Awards program recognizes employees whose actions reflect exemplary customer service as demonstrated by excellent communication, collaboration, or responsiveness in support of the mission, vision, and values of ACC. 

ACC congratulates the following Riverbats Bravo award recipients for April 2022.

Cypress Creek Campus
Jennifer Harrell

Eastview Campus
Hector Flores
Skyler Bagby

Elgin Campus
Adam Rethlake
Barry Rominger

Hays Campus
Isiah Edwards III
Randi Tinsley
Victor Sibaja-Molina

Highland Business Center
Dale Henry
Dwayne Smith
Joe Torrez
Nova Fritts

Highland Campus
Donato Jaso
Jay Hunter
Laura Webber
Warren Chenoweth

Northridge Campus
Donovon Bodine
Michael Ross

Rio Grande Campus
Jorge Lynch
Nacho Rodriguez
Sharon Goh

Riverside Campus
Emerson Blewett
John Lopez
Michael Lynch

Round Rock Campus
Aaron Hesson
Jeffrey Deleon
Travis Weseman

San Gabriel Campus
Nisha Patel
Shawn May

Service Center
Alejandro Herrera
Matthew Theis

South Austin Campus
Andrew Silver
Kenroy Burke

Riverbats Employee Bravo Award Program winners are eligible for the Riverbats Excellence Award given during the fall and spring semesters to one employee from each campus.

Visit the Riverbats Employee Bravo Awards Program webpage to learn about the program, view award criteria, or access a nomination form. 

For more information, contact Gabriela Guerrero at [email protected].