Podcasting has grown in popularity in the last few years, with podcast ad revenue projected to exceed $2 billion in 2023. ACC’s new Creative Podcasting Certificate Program helps connect creators with opportunities in the growing podcast industry.

If you’ve walked through the halls of the newest phase of ACC Highland, you may have noticed a glassed-in room with a small table, chairs, and recording equipment. This is ACC’s podcasting recording studio. The studio is just one of the spaces used by faculty, staff, and students in the certificate program. The program launched in late 2021 in the Radio-Television-Film (RTF) Department.

We asked Christian Raymond, RTF department chair, a few questions to learn more about the program.

What is unique about this program?
It’s unique because, to our knowledge, it’s the first of its kind at a community college and even among year-long programs at universities. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the program?
In the program, students learn to produce a podcast series from concept to post-production and digital distribution through practical application of audio/radio fundamentals and skills development. Not only do they learn about non-fiction and hybrid formatted shows, but also how to create original scripted fictional shows. 

Throughout the certification program, students use industry-standard recording/audio equipment while learning production/editing skills, including interviewing and hosting, to create compelling shows and series. Students learn to develop plans for marketing and promotion we well as monetization and analyzing metrics.

Can students outside of the certificate program take a class?
One thing important to note is that with the first-level class, the basics of podcasting could be taken by just about any major. Students should check with their department to learn about their best options as far as an elective substitution. The Podcasting program is interdisciplinary, so anyone can learn and then apply those creative and technical skills in their field of choice.

What if students want to go beyond the certification?
Students can apply the certificate to ACC’s Streaming TV & Broadcast Production Applied Associate of Science Degree for additional multi-media storytelling training, which can include involvement with the new ACC RTF/PBS “Community Media Track.” We’re also thrilled about this program considering PBS also has an amazing new facility just down the hall! It’s never been a more exciting time for students to develop their skills as digital storytellers and creative technicians!  

Do you have a sample podcast done by students you can share?
Check out this sample multi-episode scripted fictional podcast created in Professor Chris Burfict’s class, “Who’s Running the Show?,” by student Annie Boyd on ApplePodcast

Podcast description: “Who’s Running the Show?” follows associate producer Mazie as she tries to save the faltering reality TV show “Hallelujah Housewives.” One brilliant idea could open the doors to her scripted programming dreams, a misstep could mean she’s back living in the trailer park and out of television forever.”

Learn more about the Creative Podcasting Certificate Program and tour the facilities during the ACC Highland Open House on Saturday, April 23. Learn more at austincc.edu/openhouse.