During its regular meeting on Monday, March 7, ACC’s Board of Trustees discussed the college’s ongoing health and safety protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In a 7-2 vote, Trustees authorized the college to more readily make changes to our policies and measures based on discussions with the Board officers, guidance from our Emergency Operations Center, and recommendations from regional, state, and national health authorities.

As a result, ACC’s health and safety protocols will change. Beginning Monday, March 21, 2022, the college will implement the following measures: 

  • Face masks will be optional.
  • The college’s Appian health screening app will remain available to everyone who visits campus. This continues to be a good way to check your own health before coming to class or work. 
  • Health Liaisons will continue to be available on campus. 
  • ACC will expand access to events and activities that are hosted by the college on our campuses and centers. This expansion allows the college and its departments and offices to invite internal and external guests to their events and activities. We continue to restrict access for external parties seeking to host activities at ACC. 
  • The process for requesting accommodations will continue. Anyemployee who has a qualifying medical condition or disability and needs to request an accommodation in order to complete their essential duties is encouraged to submit an ADA accommodation request. Information about the process, form, and related Administrative Rule can be found on our website

For more information about the decision and process, read the Chancellor’s latest message to employees and students.