Contributed by Dr. DeEadra Albert-Green, Director, Online Support & Embedded Services

ACC Learning Labs are here to support students through their academic journey and our faculty through many services including Embedded Learning Support Services. Embedded tutoring enhances the learning environment by integrating ACC Embedded Tutors and Academic Coaches directly into select courses. These services provide a supportive, seamless environment for students to understand new or challenging material through the use of innovative learning and study strategies.

If you would like to request to have an embedded tutor and/or academic coach for any of your spring 2022 courses, please complete the following form:

Steps to request an Embedded Tutor: 

  • Once you click on the above link and select the Complete Request for an Embedded Tutor and/or Academic Coach link inside.
  • Complete the information on the form for all of your course sections for the Spring 2022 semester. 
  • Make sure to click on ‘Add New’ and locate your course(s), embedded tutor, and academic coach in the drop-down lists provided on the form. 
  • Click the submit button once you have completed the form. 

The deadline to complete the form is December 17, 2021

This semester we are introducing a new “opt-out” feature. Once you request an academic coach and/or embedded tutor, we will continue to assign these support individuals to courses you teach in future semesters at ACC until you opt-out of the program by completing the Opt-Out form. 

Visit our website for more information. 

Photo taken February 2020.