Applications are now open for faculty and staff interested in joining ACC’s 3 Cs Learning Community, a new leadership opportunity offered by the 3 Cs Cross-Functional Team. 

The 3 Cs Learning Community will launch in spring 2022. Members will be tasked with creating materials to help spread the 3 Cs — connection, collaboration, and caring — throughout ACC. 

This will be a collaborative team with representatives selected from across the college. The idea came from the college’s Spring 2021 roundtable discussions.

Learn more about the opportunity, review the community charge, and submit an application to participate by Friday, December 10, 2021. Applications will close at that time.

If you are unable to participate in this learning community, please note that there will be additional ways to get involved with 3 Cs work in spring 2022 through another series of roundtable discussions.

For more information, visit the 3 Cs website or email Missi Patterson at [email protected].