Austin Community College District’s (ACC) new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Workday, went live as scheduled on October 16, 2021. ACC employees are encouraged to review and confirm information, complete critical tasks, and become familiar with the system.

The Workday Go-Live Checklist provides an overview of steps employees should take during the first few days of Workday as well as important dates, resources for getting started in Workday, and links and contacts for support. 

The steps include reviewing and confirming the information transferred from ACC’s previous human resources, benefits, payroll, finance, and accounting systems, such as:

  • Personal information, emergency contacts, and photo (if desired)
  • Payroll payment elections and state, local, and federal withholdings
  • Expense payment elections
  • Benefits elections
  • Time off requests prior to October 16

Employees can also learn about new features such as Career Profile and how to enter their time and time-off requests beginning October 16 (non-exempt employees).

The Workday team also has put together a short five-minute Get Started video introducing the new system and guiding faculty and staff through some of the features.


Employees can log in to Workday from the college’s Workday website and through the applications sidebars on the ACC Faculty and Staff webpage and the FacStaff Info Hub website


Because Workday is mobile-friendly, employees will be able to complete all of the tasks associated with ACC’s human resources, benefits, payroll, finance, and accounting processes via mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Employees have the option to download the Workday mobile app for their Apple or Android device. 

The Workday Quick Start Guide provides an overview of accessing Workday via a mobile device.


Learn more about Workday’s implementation in this message from Neil Vickers, ACC’s executive vice chancellor of Finance and Administration.

Parts of the Workday implementation are still in progress as the Workday team continues to update system data, tweak configurations, and roll out new functionality.

Training resources are still being developed and will continue to get produced and updated on the Workday Training & Resources webpage.