To coincide with Austin Community College District’s (ACC) new academic year, the college has implemented a number of job title changes effective September 1, 2021.

As a follow up to the August 2020 decision by ACC’s Board of Trustees to change Dr. Richard Rhodes’ title from President/CEO to Chancellor, all administrators with President in their title have had it replaced with Chancellor. For example, Vice Presidents are now Vice Chancellors, Executive Vice Presidents are now Executive Vice Chancellors, etc. 

Trustees changed the title of the college’s leader to Chancellor to better align the college with similar multi-campus community college institutions nationwide. It did not impact the compensation, role, or duties of the position. 

Additionally, reorganizations in Student Affairs resulted in several changes. Student Affairs Executive Director positions are now classified as Executive Dean positions and some title changes occurred due to regionalization in Financial Aid, Admissions and Enrollment, and the Learning Labs.

Finally, a few title changes came about as a result of the most recent market study